memories of the nordpole

While I'm assisting as Alex's road planner on a distance as he's out crossing the country on his motorcycle (he has no smart phone so I'm checking which roads that are least congested and I also book motel rooms for when he get tired), I am simultaneously going through all the thousands of photos that we or I took while we lived up in the cold North. So many wonderful memories, despite the chillier climate! I've got so much to show you and tell you, I wish I could spend whole days just talking about all what we have been through but that would be a little weird wouldn't it. At least I have got my blog inspiration back now that air is warmer so prepare yourself for more blogging than ever.. These photos made me smile anyhow, were taken on a sunny day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Beautiful old town, as many other we had the chance to visit.

Alex drove off from Massachusetts earlier today and last time I spoke to him he was already in Philadelphia so I am hopeful he will be here in sunny Miami well before New Years Eve. 1500 miles or 2400 km to go in total. Can't wait for us to start our new life down here in the warmth. And to bring Alex to the great French Pastry place I found the other day. Not to mention the Cuban coffee shops downtown that I know he will love..