finding the groove

Have so many posts and subjects that pops up in my mind that I think of writing about here but priority has lately been to find my position in this new hometown. It still feels better for each day and I have this very strong feeling that this move was the best thing that could have happened in life right now. Combining work out, work, good food and plenty of sleep is pretty much what my days look like currently. I am so thankful that my good old Swedish friend Jonas introduced me/us to the idea of moving here, and it is in one of his properties in Downtown Miami that I am planning to open a little place. A place of good, healthy food, music and great vibes. Something of an extension of all what I love and believe in.

With respect to the content of my previous post, I am more convinced than ever that it is so important to cut through the nonsense and instead wholeheartedly absorb and nurture the healthy opportunities one have been given in life. Workout-wise, it means that there's no need for me to not be in the best shape that I can, when relatively speaking, it is so easy to make it happen. Hence I've again made physical activity a routine as common as eating breakfast. 

Work-wise, I am pouring all what I can from my soul, heart and mind into creating a job and life situation that is ideal for myself. My intention is to build something that I can be genuinely proud of from the bottom to the top, while also giving back and offering something of value and joy to others. Both of these goals require plenty of dedication obviously, but it is relieving somehow to know that, really, it is only my hard work and clear focus that is needed for me to achieve exactly that what I am envisioning. With all what life has taught me thus far, I feel the time is right to raise the bar a notch and work on making some of my greatest dreams come true. My first superficial goal, is to bring this ol' body into a better shape than it has ever been before. Let's do this now.