Soon to be something wonderful

This is the place we have so slowly started to turn into a vegan café/restaurant. It still feels surreal even thinking about it. Surreal in the way that only the thought sends butterflies through my belly. This two story, 3100 sq ft location in downtown Miami, five blocks from the awesome new big Whole Foods, has been used for retail previously and never been a restaurant before. So there's a fairly large amount of job for us now to get a kitchen installed with all what it means. The process is extremely interesting. From the planning of each sq ft from an architectural aspect, to a mountain of regulations and of course the design and interior part. Not to even mention the production of a perfect menu, and hiring of the right crew, though all that comes at a later stage. 

So glad for the little knowledge and experience I gained up in Boston during the year and a half that I worked in different cafés and restaurants, most of the times very close to the owners. And also for my mentor/business adviser Michael who's built kitchens and operated food businesses up in MA for the past 50 years. He's the one I call when I need to know which brand of oven to go for, where to find good used equipment, what sort of grease traps to use, and who reminds me of the importance of keeping costs down. When I started my first small company, an online fashion store some ten years ago, I thought I could do everything myself and I seldom wanted to ask anyone for help. This time I am taking as much advice as I can in order to create a rock solid foundation. And what else does one keep those experienced and knowledgeable friends around for :)

Am currently looking at different floor types and even if my eye would want to go for an antique Southern European tile like the one below, I think we might end up going for a cheaper wood that we stain in a natural tone as a start.
If anyone of you know a good importer of a Portuguese floor tile like this, or maybe some good Mexican, Moroccan or other good, affordable earthy, impactful tiles, lemme know please!

Also, best flea markets in Miami/South Florida?