Gypsy Juice

Speaking of organic - my friend Sommer's lovely package has finally arrived. I'm saying finally as the notorious West Indian postal service managed to loose the first parcel in the Caribbean a long time ago, and to avoid further mishaps, this second package has been waiting for me in the US for an additional few months. How good does it feel to finally receive something you have waited so anxiously for!

I met Sommer in Antigua a year or two ago, she was also traveling on a boat with her partner at that time, they're now in the Mediterranean. I so wish I had taken the opportunity to snap a shot of her as she's one of those people that lights up a room with her positively energizing presence alone. Golden hair framing her beautiful freckles, incessantly dressed in a contagious smile you're convinced she's wearing even while asleep.

Not only is she a beautiful human being but so is also her divine line of handmade organic beauty products and skin care. Just have a look at this ingredient chart and see what amazing natural goodness that has been put into her lovely bottles (click on each ingredient to learn more). Or like Sommer herself puts it:

"A lifestyle rich in organic love, freedom, health and happiness 
has inspired me to create a skincare range that is the yummiest, 
most nutritious, delicious and organic, raw meal for your skin."

Besides the wonderful feel and fragrance of her vitalizing, cold pressed and unrefined skincare products, I love that every part of her label radiates quality, authenticity and organic craftsmanship. From the hand stamped muslin cotton bags in which your products are delivered, chemical and solvent free inks, to her website and lifestyle which is powered by 100% wind energy. 

If you're looking for something totally organic and energizing to feed your skin with, without ingredients that you can't pronounce - go check out the website of Gypsy Juice here. There you can order your own handmade products, individually blended uniquely for you. Also don't forget to like Sommer's Facebook page here.