The day of arrival

Oh yeah... finally today we have got the internet installed in the house where we live. Makes life so much easier when you don't have to use the phone as the only means of communication. 

These photos are from that extremely cold day that we arrived to this place last week. Many emails we've received lately asks us: Are you going to stop sailing?? I honestly don't think it is ever possible for anyone who loves the sea and the freedom the water and sailing means, to completely stop sailing, so no we won't and will hopefully never. But everyone needs some time every once in a while to center oneself, and after a few years of intense travels as well as boat projects, we certainly needed to collect new energy (and money) to sail such longer distances as we have done and have aspirations to do more of in the future. It is also a nice thing to now have emptied the boat completely so that we can feel how our boat sails when not packed with all the junk we've had onboard. Feels good to see this much of the waterline too. So until we're ready to continue sailing down South again whenever that happens, it will only be shorter weekend sails for us for now. 

Looking through all the photos that we've created in the Mediterranean, West Africa, Caribbean, South America and the East coast of the US in the last 3-4 years, I realize how much we've done that has never been shared with anyone else so organizing of that is one of the larger projects that'll keep me busy here this fall.