Food in our everyday lives

Oh food. Such a delicate, controversial yet so life important subject, especially if you live in the United States where big companies make big bucks on poisoning the world and society with something they call food, but which in reality is something completely different. Dangerous pesticides are sprayed on fields consisting of something reminiscent of food, but which has been altered in such a way that it has lost its DNA, in favor of profit. The pesticides used on these fields all over America can later on be found in the groundwater (most peoples drinking water), and even in raindrops. 

These poisonous substances does not only make us and our children sicker and sicker in form of a steady increase of asthma, cancer, autism, birth defects only to name a few. But it also destroys the earth and nature for future generations. Not to mention how the meat industry is responsible for a high level of deforestation around the world, how it pollutes the air with its 575 billions of pound of waste each year in the US (that's half a trillion tons of bacteria, parasite, urine, blood that must go somewhere) and last but not least, the purely selfish thing that it is, to breed and take the lives of 3 billion animals a year, only in the United States.

It's tiring and so indescribably sad, the reality that our life necessary food has come to with such a devastating change in the past thirty-forty years. And it feels like we constantly must be on our guard to not let the evil enter too near into our lives. That is, if you care about your health, the nature and the worlds future. 

Exactly that has grown to become one of my most valued interests and I feel I cannot not care about it and do something about it all in the small ways that I can, because I've realized that everything starts from there. We need food, without food we cannot survive. But what are we willing to sacrifice in order to get fed? And how can we help each other to eliminate the bad, and lead a healthier life?

This past year I have come to better know the food industry from the inside. Through a few restaurants, cafes and other food businesses I've dealt with food on a daily basis this past year. From sourcing of ingredients and produce, to help preparing it, and finally interacting with the consumers in various environments. I made it my mission to obtain a broader understanding of what it is one actually get served, and how aware the general person is when it comes to what they ingest. 

It's been an internal and personal study purely for myself until now, but seeing how important the issue is, and how little most people are aware, it has made me convinced to take my passion to another level, and actively fight for peoples right to know what is in their food. 
From these various kitchens and dining rooms around the state, I am now back in my experimental kitchen corner that my friend so kindly set up and let me use, and which is part of a larger commercial kitchen complex. This is pure awesomeness of course in every which way, especially since the complex is filled with nice and friendly human guinea-pigs that most of the times (haha!) are happy to try my all organic, non-gmo and vegan concoctions before I, hopefully one day, will introduce them to the public. 

I will tell you more about my plans and ideas later on, but one thing that I have been thinking of, to let you into my little world of food, is to post a series of short videos. Where I go through everything from how to prepare quick, easy and delicious vegan meals, what products I love and which I believe is good to stay away from, how to do grocery shopping a more conscious every day business, meeting with inspiring people and much more.

I've been marinating this video idea for over a year but haven't really had time to go about it before now. But before I start, I would need to know if this is something you'd be interested in? How health and environmentally conscious do you eat and buy groceries today, and would you be interested in learning more? Given that I spend almost all my awaken time thinking, planning, studying, cooking, baking and researching about food, I feel it's a waste to not share my ideas and discoveries with others :)