going with the flow

Given that we're now planning to stay in the US of A for at least another year, we've figured it could be wise to insure and also register the boat here for the time being, for various reasons. It is a little odd seeing the American flag flying off the stern of the boat, but it's also a manifestation of how unexpected, surprising and… odd life is. I like not being cemented into certain ideals and thinking patterns, and to go with and accept what life throws at you is more my personal melody. I think Duende is pretty happy regardless, she was after all made here in New England. In Bristol, Rhode Island in 1971, to be more precise.

This is a pretty nice picture of our beloved vessel, but it is quite funny to notice that we still haven't got around to get that dodger ordered and installed. Always something that comes in between us and the dodger. First in St Maarten where price was reasonable, $800 I think it was, but we never felt we had money enough to order it. And now here in the US where everything good costs a smaller fortune ($2,200 for a sunbrella dodger without the frame!?), we figured we've anyways sailed without it for three years now so why stress, and so we got a bike instead. Much more useful this fall. Looking at this pic I also realize our AeroGen 4 wind generator is still missing three out of six blades (they blew off and away in sudden close to hurricane winds in Santa Marta, Colombia two years ago). Luckily we've been docked in marinas most time since then so we haven't had urgent need of the wind generator, but.. if anyone know where we can find replacement blades, do let us know. 

Here are some more pics from Boston Harbor Islands that were taken a couple months ago.
Beautiful nature around here indeed. It saddens me a bit that we won't have time to sail up to Maine this year. Still have got to get used to these super short sailing seasons. But we will do all what we can to enjoy the nature of this country also in the fall. On the road most likely, until spring and summer is back with us again.