New York

Who does not love New York? Although we hadn't planned to stop there on this particular trip since our intention was to get where the sun shines asap, fate had it that we had to make a two day stop there anyway. If you follow us on Facebook you might be familiar with the accident that another boater brought upon us by ramming into our transom while we were leisurely cruising through the final part of East River. I know, it's so stupid that it's hard to even imagine such a thing possible. Such an incident is at the least of ones concerns when planning for a long sail. But it did happen, and we had to pause the trip for a couple days to look through the damage and deal with insurance companies. Of course it happened on a Sunday of Thanksgiving so that delayed us even further. We had the other boats insurance company visiting us to look over the damage while we later on arrived in Norfolk which we're happy they could accommodate so fast, and we're hoping this whole ordeal will have a good ending. At least I managed to get some pretty nice photos of New York in the process :)

We stayed at Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey, super nice facilities and great views over the Financial District of Manhattan as you can tell. Had a nice dinner at the Liberty House one of those nights and as many hot showers as we could possibly squeeze in within 48 hours..