North Carolina to Georgia

Sing Hallelujah, we're back in the sun! Or at least in an anchorage on the coast of Georgia. The final state before our new home state, Florida. It's quite chilly in the air still, but that's ok, nothing beats Boston when it comes to cold. Just a little tan now and we're ready to roll like winter never happened. And um, a hair wash would be good too..

Did I tell you we are moving to Miami? Will tell you all about why etcetera another day, but we are extremely excited for a bunch of reasons. More sunshine hours in each day being the primary of course. We have 3-5 more days of sailing/motoring along the long coast of Florida before we arrive though but hot damn how marvelous being able to soak in some Vitamin D again!

Unfortunately no time to launch the dinghy and explore the state of Georgia today but be sure we'll be back here with the bike some time soon. Charleston we had to pass this time too, we loved it last time we visited and will definitely be back one day again.

After 48 hours of uncomfortable sailing with mixed swells and much stronger winds than predicted (never since we left MA has the forecast been right, winter is like that I suppose), it's suddenly so calm out so looking much forward to a few hours sound and steady sleep. More miles to make tomorrow..