Just a couple photos from the other day when we went to downtown Boston for a pizza at what's supposed to be the best pizza restaurant in town according to tripadvisor and the long line of people waiting outside to get a table. Took us 1 hour to get seated for your record and pizza was real good, but not otherworldly. Before I get attacked like always when it comes to my food choices these days, I had a vegetarian pizza with a bit of cheese and all the veggies were super fresh FYI. A few ice cold peroni's to that thank you very much.

I have by the way updated the post below and this is what it's saying if you're too lazy to scroll down:

*Update: SO many emails and comments are dropping in about this so just a quick note about my mentioned work above. As you nosy people always want an explanation on everything, here goes: what we're having our hands full with is mainly boat work, work on the house, work on ours as well as my own new website, work in the garden, some more boat work, .... we have all sorts of work and projects that you can imagine around here, but mainly and foremost: BOAT work. Also trying to work-OUT as much as possible. My English isn't that good at all times as you know so I apologize for any confusion. I also have plenty of freelance job from back home in Europe that's taking my time and isn't it fantastic that you can work from anywhere you are in the world, with just a little laptop. No news with that, but still amazing. 

You should know that the rules are the same in almost any other country in the world. One is not supposed to work illegally or get paid without paying taxes anywhere in the world. We all know that, but it seems as some of you guys here in the US are frenetic about keeping an eye out for others following laws and regulations. I don't blame you though, the culture here is extreme in many aspects and your government has made your country one of the most governed and bureaucratically controlled societies in the modern world, but why don't we all just chill out and realize most things aren't that serious after all. No need to stress about everything.

Also one more thing before I forget: Could y'all please be so fucking kind to comment with your names, or any other made up name, from here onwards? It's really disturbing having to spend my valuable time replying comments from a bunch of "anonymous" people. They'll all be deleted. Thank you for your understanding :)