Felt like we were out at sea last night. Wind howling, halyards banging on the mast, boat heeling over, waves washing over the cockpit. A low pressure system brought massive rain and thunder and we had a consistent 35-40 knots throughout the night, gusting to 55. At the end of the night the finger docks started to give in on some parts so we made sure to secure it with all sorts of lines we could find around the marina. Some boats closer to the sea lost their awnings/dodgers, and one unattended boat's foresail broke free and got all tangled in the shrouds, causing the boat to heal over and heave into the dock in a very damaging way so Alex cut the sheets, furled the sail and secured it to lessen damage on the poor boat. Wearing his motorcycle helmet to not get hit by the extreme forces of the fiercely raging sail and sheets. Not much sleep here in other words!

How was your night?